Photo Shoot! Photo Shoot!

This coming weekend we have one of my favorite parts of any production process- our photographer, Cole Simon, will be getting together some of our cast members to do a photo shoot. Cole (of Cole Simon Photo) will be collaborating with our awesome costume and props designers to put together some awesome images to whet everyone's appetite for the production. We've been collecting claws, scissors, accordions, facepaint, and other assorted goodies for the shoot, and I'm tremendously excited; Cole does excellent work, as you can see from some of his production photos below (from Coraline and Goblin Market). I'll post the new photos here once they're ready.

-Ed R

Just a taste of the talent on tap...

Hi there! We've got a million things to do between now and the start of rehearsals for the show, just after July 4th. But I just wanted to give you a taste of some of the awesome talent and skills we'll have on display during the show. If you catch this production, you'll see at least one actor who:

-Can walk on four foot stilts -Is an advanced ballet dancer and also plays alto saxophone -Plays accordion -Plays a grab bag of other instruments including cello and melodica -Is skilled at shadow puppetry -Can tumble, contort and do other assorted physical feats

Suffice to say, I'm beyond pumped to get started with everyone. This is going to be something special.

-Ed R

Welcome to magic.

Hi everyone! Just getting things off the ground here at the new Black Button Eyes Productions website. Feel free to take a look around- we have information on the first show of our fourth season, Shockheaded Peter and will be adding additional nifty information very soon. Thanks and welcome!