Nightmares & Nightcaps Review-O-Rama

Nightmares & Nightcaps has been open for a couple of weeks now, and the good reviews have been rolling in! For those of you who are curious, here's a list of quotes and links to the various good press we've been getting:

“Deliciously macabre...[this] quirky, disquieting, ever comedic production nicely showcases Collier’s peculiar tales.” — Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald

“Delightful...a well-chosen and well-acted series of vignettes, from ominous to slyly funny...”” — Crista Zivanovic, NWI Times

“Absolutely excellent good you’ll leave the theater wishing they could have added more of Collier’s sardonic, twisted confections.” — Karen Topham, Windy City Times

“A strange and spooky delight...hilarious, and creepy-crawly scary, both aurally and visually.” — Nancy Bishop, Third Coast Review

“The energetic performers play all of their characters to the hilt...its simplicity pairs nicely with the bitter flavor of Collier’s stories.” — Alex Huntsberger, Time Out Chicago

“A ghoulish delight...John Collier’s works are both witty and acerbic. Black Button Eyes Productions delivers a charming introduction and brilliant homage to the writer.”” — Kerstin Broockmann, Chicago Stage Standard

“A delightful exercise in creepy-crawly quirkiness...Rutherford has found the perfect theatrical equivalent to Collier’s blend of the lethal and the looney.” — Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema

“Rutherford’s latest production is nicely staged, beautifully acted and creatively supported by a team of clever theatrical artisans.” — Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review