Nightmares & Nightcaps Actor Profile: Shane Roberie!

  1. Where you were born/where were you raised? Born in Eunice, Louisiana; raised in Ville Platte, Louisiana (about an hour north of Lafayette, LA)
  2. Zodiac sign? Libra
  3. What are the careers of your parents? My Father is a State Farm Agent; My Mother is a full-time Mom
  4. Do you have any Siblings? 1 Sister , Lindsay.
  5. Where were you trained? University of Louisiana at Lafayette for Bachelors; Texas Tech University for Masters
  6. Current favorite audition song or monologue to use: Song would be from The Apple Tree; Monologue would be from Jitters.
  7. Why did you want to be a part of Nightmares & Nightcaps? I’m really into horror flicks. Not that this show is incredibly scary, but I love the dark quirkiness of this show.
  8. Favorite Twilight Zone and/or Black Mirror episode? Nosedive, Shut Up and Dance, White Bear (couldn’t pick just one!)
  9. Most played song in your music collection: Right now? The Plastics from Mean Girls the Musical. DONUT COME FOR ME.
  10. Favorite or most memorable onstage role as a child/teenager: Jesus – Godspell
  11. Worst onstage mishap: I’m sure I’ve had one but can’t think of any so it must not have been that bad!
  12. Worst job you ever had: Working retail at Aeropostale
  13. (Role(s) you’ve been dying to play: The Baker from Into the Woods, Helena from A Midsummer Night's Dream
  14. What were you afraid of as a child? Sweetums the Muppet