How a Kandarian Dagger is Made!

Our props designer Jeremiah Barr (who is also our set designer, puppet designer, and TD) is creating some magnificent designs for our production of Evil Dead the Musical! Among them is his own take on the iconic Kandarian Dagger that plays a key part in some of the gruesome and hilarious happenings during the show. Check out some photos below of the progress of the props from beginning stages to the finished thing!

Step 1: Enhance a prop dagger with a 'spinal column' handle.


Step Two: Start adding creepy miniature bones and skulls in a pattern around the spinal column handle.


Step Three No, more bones and skulls than that. WAAAAY more.


Step Four: Then we start to paint...starting to look pretty gross and unholy, but is something missing?


Step Five: Oh, right! Blood. LOTS OF BLOOD.


All done! Time to terrify people. Get your tickets now to see this and much more!